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You can advertise to our network of Lawyers

Are your Clients Lawyers and Law Firms

 You can advertise your legal support business to our network of lawyers and law firms. There are a number of ways to get your add in front of our lawyers and law firms. From sponsored content to banner ads on our platform, you can get legal eyes to notice your services to the legal field.

1. Sponsored Monthly Content

Each month, you will be able to send a well-written article and offer, which we will send out to our members. There is, of course, no guarantee that your offer will be taken up, but a well written and enticing campaign can most certainly get the attention of the members. You will be able to have one image and 2 links into the article or news release. This will also be posted on our blog to promote your service.

2. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is another way to reach your chosen audience and unlike the sponsored content. Your banner will be permanently fixed on one of our banner spaces on a rotation basis. This means it will be available on the site for all members and of course public viewers as well. If you have a business that supports lawyers, this is for you. Perhaps you are a lawyer and you want prime placement on the home page with your own banner, this is also for you. 

Just contact us below and tell us what you are interested in. One of our sales team will contact you to discuss your options. 

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