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Posted by Joel A. Gordon & Associates on 08/15/2017

5 Things Good Brain Injury Texas City Lawyers Will Tell You

5 Things Good Brain Injury Texas City Lawyers Will Tell You

If you suffer from a brain injury during a car accident, you will more than likely need a lawyer to aid your litigation. However, not all lawyers are the same. There are a few key points that great Brain Injury Texas City lawyers will bring to your attention that can really help you win your case and receive the settlement you deserve.

People Will Not Take You Seriously

Because brain injuries are not always easily observed, it is likely that people will not take your claims seriously. This can make the litigation process difficult. Friends and family may think you are faking an illness. Some doctors are likely to turn up their nose at your brain injury case. They may assume that you are faking a serious illness in order to obtain a large settlement. Sadly, because people do take advantage of the insurance systems, this may be a reality you face. It is important to thoroughly explain your situation to friends and family and always stand your ground. You also should find a qualified doctor who is on your side. Your doctor should be willing to look further than just MRI’s and CT scans to identify hard to find issues.

Recovery is Not Instant, And Rarely is it Fast

Brain injuries are generally serious and require a long period of time to heal. Usually, a person who has suffered a brain injury will have to wait a prolonged period of time before returning to work. This may put a financial strain on the injured person and their family, which can, in turn, because of a great deal of mental and emotional stress. It is important to remember that you should be reimbursed for your total injury costs, including residual costs such as stress. Some studies show that brain injuries can take 6 months to show any major improvements and that in most cases the patient is still recovering multiple years after the injury. In some cases, the brain never fully recovers from severe injuries.

You Will Need Plenty of Evidence

Insurance companies can be sneaky, and a good brain injury lawyer will inform you that plenty of evidence will be necessary for your litigation. You will need multiple pictures of the vehicles from the accident. Gathering many witnesses, especially witnesses who are not relatives, that can present information on your behavior before and after the accident is important. These witnesses will need to attest to changes in your behavior pertaining to your brain injury. Your medical records will also serve as important documentation in your court case.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

Good brain injury lawyers will tell you upfront to be wary of the insurance company. They will try to use any evidence they can find against you. You should be careful of what you post on social media after the accident. There have been cases where the insurance company has pilfered through people’s trash or used your voice recordings from company calls to try to prove that your claims of a brain injury are false. 

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