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Posted by Joel A. Gordon & Associates on 08/17/2017

All you should know about Auto accident attorney Houston TX

All you should know about Auto accident attorney Houston TX

Accidents are not a rarity anymore, in the current era of haste. “Speed thrills but Kills” has lost its effect upon masses a long time ago. No matter how much one is vigilant about driving, accidents are bound to happen, given the myriad of automobiles on roads these days. There are millions out there in the world, who regret, as we talk, over speeding or taking an illegal turn. Many of them, however, suffered and yet didn’t know there was a helping hand available all the time that might have alleviated their sorrows. Yes, we are talking about auto accident attorney Houston TX. This article discusses when you should and should not involve an attorney.

Who is an Auto Accident Attorney?

A Juris Doctor, sometimes also known as personal or car injury lawyer is an expert you must turn to after an accident. Accident lawyers mostly expertise in claiming sue after the accident. They can file claims against the insurance companies effectively and efficiently. They actually voice your opinion against the boisterous insurance lawyers. 


Experience, persuasiveness, dedication are some of the defining attributes of a skilled lawyer. Of course, there are factors like location and hiring fees to be considered. Best are those guys whose motto is “no win, no fee”.

Avoid the Attorney’s help when:

  1. The other party involved in the mishap is not hesitant about paying up for your sufferings.

  2. Injuries are of a minor nature, ones that you can handle all by yourself.

Going to an attorney in above-mentioned scenarios will only cost one more money than the usual procedure. Seek a car injury lawyer only when the injuries are of a severe nature, leading to expensive medical bills.

A bit of professional advice never goes amiss when:

Not actually involving but asking a few questions in a sitting can also help in clearing doubts in one’s mind. For example, if the compensation offered by the other party is a bit lower than the expectations, consulting an attorney can definitely help in such a case. Also, the lawyer can help you with the entire math involved in calculating the actual claim value.

Crucial to consult an Attorney when:

  1. Your injuries are costing you quite a fortune.

  2. You are turned down by the concerned insurance company completely.

  3. The offer made by the concerned company is a ludicrously low one.

  4. It might be just that the other party also has the same concerns and they might file a lawsuit against you. In that case, you need some strong advocacy. 

  5. Many people don’t have an exact idea about the statute of limitations. These are the set of laws that define a particular time period for initiating a prosecution. Once that certain time period has elapsed, there is no way a case can be preceded. Accident attorneys have a complete authority over these matters. 

Let’s just face it, without the helping hands of injury lawyers; our already ruined lives would have been even more miserable. Three cheers to these gentlemen!

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