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Posted by Christensen Law on 09/24/2017

How Engineers Are Working to Make Autonomous Cars Safer

How Engineers Are Working to Make Autonomous Cars Safer

Wouldn’t it be great if car accidents were a thing of the past? What if there were far fewer injuries and deaths on the road and less fear of danger when you get into your vehicle every day? 

Well, it may not be a pipe dream. Engineers have created autonomous cars, and you might not have to wait long to enjoy them.

We’ve already seen some recent advancements in technology, such as backup cameras, blind-spot detectors, lane-departure warnings, and collision-avoidance systems, and these safety features are saving lives. 

The statistics are still showing increases in crash-related deaths and injuries, though. Are we going far enough?

Fully Autonomous Cars

Driver-assist features are great, but human error still accounts for around 90 percent of vehicle collisions. So it would seem obvious to take the human element out of the equation when operating multi-ton boxes of metal and glass. With the development of the fully autonomous car, we could all be a whole lot safer on the road—and very soon.

These vehicles drive themselves, and although they aren’t yet perfect, these robot-like cars seem to be better drivers than their human counterparts. In the next few years, engineers may have them perfected, and we might be seeing them on the roads sooner than you think.

What Does the Autonomous Car Do for You?

Not only do these vehicles save lives, protect you from injury, and prevent property damage, they are useful in other ways. Instead of being focused on driving safely, you can now engage in the following activities while moving from one place to another:

  • Watch movies

  • Engage with your family

  • Talk on the phone or conduct a video conference

  • Read the news or books

  • Play games

In the Meantime

We can’t wait for the not-too-far-off day when robots will be driving us all around safely. In the meantime, if you have been injured in an accident caused by human error and you believe it wasn’t your fault, contact a car accident lawyer with David Christensen Law. We offer a free consultation, so call us at 248-213-4900 or visit our website.

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