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Posted by Joel A. Gordon & Associates on 02/16/2017

The Complications with Truck Accident Injury Cases

The Complications with Truck Accident Injury Cases

Truck accidents commonly produce terrible injuries. No passenger vehicle is a physical match for an eighteen-wheel big-rig or other commercial cargo truck when an impact occurs. These accidents almost always result in serious injuries for those in the smaller vehicles, requiring the legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer in order to collect damages. Many times truck accidents even result in permanent injury or long-term disability. And, to add insult to injury, the trucking companies always defend these injury claims strongly even when it is obvious they will be required to pay some amount of settlement and arguing the case can result in a much lower total payout in claims. This is especially when the crash involves multiple injured victims. This is also why, when accidents occur in Texas, it is a good decision to retain a truck accident lawyer who knows what the transportation companies may use as a defense. 

Investigating the Accident

Trucking companies always try to control a big-rig accident from the very start. Your Houston truck accident lawyer will not allow this when they are contacted immediately and can begin a thorough investigation of the wreck on your behalf. Insurance companies deal with accident injury claims daily and are always looking for any advantage that will result in a minimal settlement. Your personal injury lawyer can investigate all of the documentation as well, including the accident reconstruction report, and craft a strong case for full restitution from all negligent parties. Truck accidents regularly involve multiple vehicles, and there is always potential for multiple legal claims. 

Contribution to Causing the Accident

Your big rig accident lawyer understands that Texas uses modified comparative negligence law when determining damages in any accident case. Truck accidents are evaluated in this manner as well as standard automobile accidents, and the actions of the injured plaintiff who may have contributed to the cause of the accident are very important. This is also the component of settling an accident injury claim that insurance company adjusters use the most to deny or defend certain claims, and you will always need an experienced big rig accident lawyer as your own professional legal team ensuring that all of your rights to financial compensation are respected. 

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