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Posted 05/07/2016

14 Top Ways A Lawyer Can Market Their Practice To The People

14 Top Ways A Lawyer Can Market Their Practice To The People

Marketing your practice as a lawyer can at times be a hassle if you are not well versed in ways of attracting and retaining your target group of people. Though it might take time, the business will later be successful if you use the right means to making the public aware of the legal services you offer. To grow your business and attract many, you have to be helpful and honest to those you serve. Here are eight ways to market your legal practice.

Get Business Cards and Hand Out Freely

Business cards are indeed, a great way of selling your services to the public. Have lots of them depending on the group you are targeting and distribute them freely when you get a chance to interact with people at events. You have to be aware of functions and events around your area, so you attend and distribute your cards to the people. Some of those you give will come to you one day when they need you services.

Write an Article for a Local Paper

You, of course, know one or two local newspapers that are popular in your place. To sell your practice to the residents or dwellers of the area, write an article that will appear in the local paper that’s most popular. Once the readers are aware of your readiness to serve them in the area, they will come to your for assistance.

Use Personalized Calendars Every Year

Top businesses usually print calendars for selling to their customers. You too can adopt such strategy and make sure that there is a calendar that advertises or reminds your clients that you are within their area and can help them. They will always have an easy way of contact you every time they need you since they have a reminder at home. Make sure the connections you give them are those that you use and do not hesitate to notify them when you change.

Tell Your Clients to Refer their Peers to You

Make sure that every customer you get a privilege to offer your services gets satisfied, so when you ask them to refer others to you, they will have the urge to do so. In fact, others will refer their friends to you once they feel you are the best person to work with when it comes to legal issues. Always give the best services to all you clients without favor or discrimination. Once they are sure that you are serving them well to their satisfaction, you’ll get more customers coming to you. Be their friend and never disappoint anyone.

Advertise In Church or School Newsletters

Let the churches and schools in your place know that you are with them, and they can contact you anytime they need your legal services from you. Churches and schools have notice boards and if you print paper that has all details about what you do and how clients can contact you some people will for sure look for you seeking legal services from you.

Speak to Community Groups

Be ready to offer to speak to groups in the area you target. Make sure you know their schedule of public events and always ask them to create time for even if it’s just a few minutes. When you get an opportunity, do not just advertise yourself but also tell them something about wills, avoidance, fraud and other issues that that require legal services when they occur. Most of these things happen every day, and once they community around your place knows that you are there to help them, they will look for you.

Network with Your Fellows

If you are a new lawyer and building your client base, your seniors can help you market your services to their customers or even refer some of them to you when they have many of them at once. Let not your practice be like a competition to the extent that you do not even share your experiences with your fellows. Be friends and help each other. The more they succeed, the more you also succeed. Partner with those that have worked in the place for more years than you.

Use Social Media

In this digital age, the social media in one of those best ways you can use to market your practice. Make sure you are present on all the popular social platforms and interact with as many clients as possible. You can even participate in discussions and share offer advice to those you are targeting. Nowadays millions of people participate in debates online in the social media. If you are present and ready to engage with them, you can be sure to attract and win many. You can also create a group to use solely for marketing your practice.

Well, other ways are also useful in marketing your legal services. With the above, you can be sure of enjoying a large pool of loyal clients. Never sit in the office thinking that clients will just come to you. Get out and sell yourself in the best possible way and you’ll win many.

Register On Legal Sites

One of the best ways to help your law firm is to register on legal websites. What you are trying to achieve here is not only to get your practice known but also to develop a stronger presence online. It's not just about leads, which are great but also about developing good quality links to your practice website. This will help you increase your online presence and possibly even your ranks for your relevant keywords. The side effect of this will be generating new leads to your law firm or your private practice.

Guest Post On Legal Sites

Have you even considered the power of a good article on a relevant site? Guest posting is still very much relevant and contrary to online arguments by marketing professionals - Google still loves the content. Therefore, if you have something relevant, timely, and you can offer a good opinion on something - you should do it with a well-structured article on a relevant site. One word of warning, though! do not self-promote in your article, but rather give something free and relevant. You will get the link and the kudos you deserve from a well written published content that will not only help you rank, but will drive quality traffic to your site.

Record A Podcast

A little-known gem for marketing your practice is the power of the podcast, which is so easy to utilize. Many people like to listen to radio shows and podcasts on a daily basis, especially if they are on long trips. This is your chance to attract a new target audience that you may not have been able to reach in the past. You can simply record a chat with a colleague or someone who has a question that warrants answers, or a topic of interest in the media. Giving your knowledge and perspective may be exactly what you need to build trust and bring you a new client.

Use The Power Of Video Marketing

This really is self-explanatory. It is a form of marketing that is growing and shows no sign of stopping. Perhaps because we are now wired to follow everything on a TV Screen. As a lawyer, you should be looking at marketing using videos, but do not do what the others do. Don't design a video that is just promotional. Give something, teach something or offer something that will attract and build trust. Then you will see the power of video marketing for your law practice.

Do Some Pro Bono Work

This may not seem that important, but if you do some pro bono work for someone, then you can utilize that as a point to which you can promote or ask for referrals or discuss the work as an example - always following confidentiality protocols. You will be amazed at how much you will get back if you offer selflessly, your assistance for someone or some company or organization who needs it. 

Chat To A Lawyer Day

Have you considered that a way to reach out to the people is to do something along the lines of a "Meet and Chat to a lawyer day," almost like an open house where people can come free of charge and get some much-needed advice? This is also a way of reaching into your local community and being seen as someone giving back. You should think of giving more. The chances are that you may receive real leads or new clients from this, and it costs you nothing more that your time and dedication.

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