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Posted 06/14/2017

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

How Content Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

81% of law firm CMOs and marketers state that they will produce more content in 2017 than they did in 2016.

With content-intensive websites and prolific blogs on a range of legal topics, law firms like Foley & Lardner LLP, Baker McKenzie, and Goodwin, have made it clear that content figures right at the heart of their marketing strategy. Evidently, content marketing for law is a trend that is only getting bigger.

But what does this mean for smaller law firms who are still getting started with content marketing? Here, we use EpicBeat to show you how to get started with your own content marketing plan.


Why content?


The first step towards building an effective content marketing strategy is figuring out what you want to achieve. A robust content marketing strategy helps in building awareness, reaching new audiences, establishing credibility, and ultimately leads to a larger client base. 


While creating and publishing content that deals with legal issues is not a replacement for real legal advice, establishing a voice that comments on matters of relevance helps establish your position as a trustworthy brand. Especially in the context of the post-digital era, where research shows that over 81% of consumers thoroughly research a brand before making a decision, content is an important component in building credibility.


According to Michelle Lappen Vogelhut, director of marketing and business development at Dechert LLP, content is an integral route to reach their audience. She says, “We really wanted to focus our resources towards producing thought leadership that would distinguish our firm, as well as demonstrate our deep expertise in what has become an increasingly crowded marketplace.”


But what kind of content must law firms create in order to get noticed by their audience?


A good starting point to the discussion on what to write is to understand who you are writing for and the platforms that are frequented by them.


Find out where your audience is


While blogs, case studies and microsites are important channels to showcase a firm’s content, Linkedin is gaining prominence as an effective way to reach the right audience. Research conducted by Zeughauser in collaboration with Greentarget, states that a whopping 79% of CMOs at legal firms consider LinkedIn to be a valuable tool for marketing and business development. 


This fact was corroborated by EpicBeat as a search on relevant content for law revealed that it received the highest engagement on LinkedIn. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.09.53.png



Whether this translates to writing on LinkedIn’s publishing platform- Pulse, or sharing and promoting your own blog posts on the channel, it is evident that LinkedIn is a medium that cannot be ignored in your overall content marketing strategy.


Know what to create


The next step in your plan should be figuring out what kind of content you should create to stand out from the rest. What legal topics are relevant for your target audience? What are some of the problems and pain points that you can help them with?


While your content should reflect your knowledge of your specific area of legal expertise, tools like EpicBeat can help identify relevant themes and topics of interest in your industry. 



An EpicBeat search reveals that these are the themes that are currently relevant.




Digging for more details about these topics on EpicBeat show additional insights such as ideal formats that work, word-counts, reading levels and sentiments that click with your audience, and guide you about when you should consider publishing your content across formats.


Whether to create or curate 


Marketers are often divided about the ideal creation to curation ratio. The 80-20 rule for creation versus curation is practised by many content creators, but deciding on the ideal ratio for your brand is dependent on your content marketing strategy and its objectives.


While content research and discovery is a breeze with EpicBeat, its curation plugin is a handy feature for marketers interested in quickly publishing relevant content for their audience.


The plugin allows users to select and bookmark articles and add it to a curated list that can be edited to include your own commentary or images that add your unique perspective on the topic.


For example: If the Civil Rights movement is a topic that interests your audience, curate an opinion piece with interesting articles that cover the topic in detail.


Curation for Law.gif


The plugin allows you to modify the article to suit a particular format, include images that enhance the post, and allow you to edit and customize the content as per your narrative. The final outcome also includes links to the original sources of content.


What brands are doing


Here are two real life examples of how legal firms are using content to reach their audience.


Showcase achievements


Goodwin’s website is replete with case studies that showcase their legal prowess across issues faced by clients in different sectors. The stories briefly capture the challenge, Goodwin’s role in solving the problem, and its outcome.


Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 13.41.48.png


Opinion pieces and legal commentary 


Establishing your name as a credible source in the industry takes years in any field, but it is a lot tougher in the legal profession. Content can play a big role in advancing this goal. Publish your unique commentary on matters of legal importance and in your practice area. Use language that simplifies legal terminology and makes it easier for laypeople to understand. 


Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 14.04.19.png


Kevin LaCroix’s blog titled “The D&O Diary” carries stories of interest from the world of professional liability law and presents his viewpoints on matters of importance ranging from criminal enforcement to cyber security.


There are many other ways that legal professionals and law firms can use content to find and engage with their audience. 


From alerts that present real-time updates on aspects that matter to your business to presenting steady stream of relevant content that you can share with your network, EpicBeat is ideal for legal professionals who understand the impact that content can have on their business.


Click here to create an EpicBeat account and find out how content can impact your business, today.

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