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Posted 01/27/2017

Lawyer SEO Marketing

Lawyer SEO Marketing

Content Marketing For Law Firms

As we move further into the year, we are always looking for more ways in which we can support our Law Firms. Our growth in the legal marketing field has been steady and we intend to keep on that path. However, what we have learned over this short time has allowed us as a platform to diversify and offer much more to the legal field. 

We have never considered ourselves to be a Law Firm Directory, but more of a unique legal marking platform where we help to amplify legal content within many verticals. Many law firms are content with leaving their marketing to Law Firm Seo companies and others are hard at work trying to compete in an already over populated and diluted market place by finding ways to promote their own content. The reality is that content in front of the right eyes gets results, search ranking is now more of a string to the bow than a definite only way to achieve results.

A profile within our content marketing platform is far more than just a listing in a legal directory that sits and gathers dust until someone finds it. We are active in amplifying our content online and therefore that means that rankings can become rather subservient at times, whilst the content can be searched and found in many verticals. It matters not if you are on page one of google if no one reads it or is driven towards it. You are way behind in position within the marketing funnel. yet if your legal content is placed in the right vertical, you could just win that conversion that makes all the difference.

The Answer Is Legal Amplification

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we will be working with SEO Law Partners to help them achieve more for their clients by working together to amplify the legal content. We have created unique partner levels for proven legal marketing companies who can register with us and amplify their own content to attract new clients and to support and amplify their clients unique content online. 

A Law Firm Seo or Marketing company has the same benefits as any law firm on our platform, but with the added advantage of access to more control with team profiles and extra distribution benefits. This means that one company can add their marketing team and exponentially increase the online reach for clients. Furthermore, these proven marketing companies can also bring on board their Law firm clients at a vastly reduced cost and will be able to promote that firm through many verticals with legal content amplification.

How Can You As A Legal Seo Company Work With Us

First of all, you must have a track record in legal marketing and have a history of success in marketing your law firm clients. If you are an seo company that works in many differing niches, then we would not be a great fit for you as we are only looking toward the legal services field. Furthermore, we will not be partnering with too many Law Marketing Companies as it is more about quality than quantity and driving results for your legal clientele. The stronger we become together as a team, the greater benefit you are offering to your Law Partners. 

Message Us If You Would Like To Know More About Our Legal Content Amplification.

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