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Posted 06/18/2016

Should You Hire A Disaster Lawyer?

Should You Hire A Disaster Lawyer?

We are vulnerable to Mother Nature and no one can really determine when she will strike. When natural disasters occur and cause damage to property, such as floods, storms, and even fire. Especially in the vulnerable areas like San Francisco, Florida and other areas; earthquakes, floods or storms can have devastating consequences and you can be assured that insurance companies will not have your best interests at heart, just saving the mighty dollar. 

Whenever such catastrophic situations arise, insurance claims for damaged property can be difficult. The insurance problems get ugly in situations like this and they will often have clauses that show where your home isn’t sufficiently covered for repairing damages, you might be a victim of an unfair adjuster, or you may have no records of your policies or your documents after hurricane, tornado, fire, flood, or earthquake. It's time to call a Lawyer or Law firm for help.

These situations are very stressful and can have catastrophic consequences to your health. If you are suffering stress when sudden disaster strikes, and you have to file an insurance claim, then you must keep following things in mind:

# Must Get a Copy Of your Policy and Read it Carefully.

The foremost step is that you should inform your insurance agency about this loss. Before you make a claim, get a copy of your policy and read all the coverage for your damaged property carefully. In case your policy was destroyed or lost in the disaster you will have to get the policy reconstructions from your insurance agency. If you don’t remember who your insurance company was because of your stress due to the disastrous events - check your bank accounts. A review of your past bank records can lead to your insurer who could provide coverage for your loss.

After filing a claim your insurance company should acknowledge within 24 hours that they have received your claim. Some insurance agencies might send an emergency team that can process your disaster claim. The adjuster will make an offer to you based on your policy and the damage happened to your property. However, that is often not the case and your Lawyer - if you use one will probably be the best person to handle them. Insurance companies, do not want to pay out. Never forget that.

# Review Your Policy Coverage Carefully.

Every policy has its own coverage, and the policy provides coverage for certain loss and that could be excluded for some situations. Therefore, it’s very important to read your contract carefully when you first meet your agent or broker. There may be chances that your insurance policy doesn’t cover a catastrophic loss and your property isn't properly protected. In such case, you must look for professional advice on the appropriate coverage or bound coverage in the first place.

# BE Aware of Time Limit.

Generally, every insurance contract has its own time limit known as, "statute of limitations." This is the period within which you have to file a suit to enforce your insurance contract. Avoid doing it yourself, consult a legal professional to find out about what time limits will apply to your claim and if you should go down a legal route. This is important that you should consult a lawyer or legal professional as soon your property suffered a damage because this might otherwise limit your ability to recover better benefits.  

# When To Consult A Disaster Relief Lawyer.

Basically, you wouldn’t need a lawyer’s help when an insurance claim is processed and agreed, but that is often no the case. Therefore, talking to a lawyer can be very crucial if your insurance agency has rejected your claim or if you feel your agency failed to pay you a fair settlement for your damaged property. A lawyer can intervene to determine if your settlement is reasonable and accurate. You might also need your law firm to threaten or bring an action against your insurance agency if they rejected your claim based on frivolous clauses.

# Effective Way To Write Your Claim.

You must support your claim with accurate documentation such as receipts and credit card statements. For an adjuster to provide you fair evaluation of your property, this documentation is important. If possible also take some pictures of your damaged property so as to quicken the process of your claim. You must return all phone calls and emails with your adjuster and save copies of your files and related paperwork.


It is always a good idea to keep duplicate copies of your insurance policy.

You must keep your policy records secure, and you should understand how to replace the paperwork in case of loss of policy.

Get the help of a legal professional to take care of claim procedure. With professional help, you get the best outcome with the backing of the legal system. 

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