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Posted 01/10/2017

Social Media Compliance For Law Firms

Social Media Compliance For Law Firms

Social Media Compliance For Law Firms In 2017

Social media is a field that is constantly evolving as time goes by. However, despite this continued evolution, one thing is 100% intact, and that is its ability to promote and help businesses achieve their marketing goals. But professional businesses are not the only ones who use social media, it is used by almost everyone today. When it comes to the lawyers or law firms marketing online and operating on social media, the platform often becomes the reason for disputes in certain cases like mass torts, family law, and employment law.

Social Media - A Double Edged Sword For Law Firms

These days, social media is often searched for and provides vital evidence in numerous court cases that are considered totally eligible. Therefore, lawyers and law firms must understand that using social media is no longer a simple post-and-have-fun game. Law firms should play on their social channels with a high level of alertness and responsibility about what they are posting and how the message will come accross to the readers and it's legal ramifications. 

Social Media Compliance Tips For Lawyers

Here are some of the main social media compliance rules for law firms/lawyers in 2017 to look for. Courtesy for these social media compliances are credited to “Help Lawyer!”, a networking and marketing firm for lawyers and law firms. Feel free to copy the Infographic and share the article.

Consumer Protection & Malpractice Cases: A law firm or a lawyer needs to be very cautious when posting any information that is related to malpractice cases on social media. This constitutes “consumer protection” regulation and if found violated, clients/consumer can report such careless leak of information related to their case by any law firm or lawyer.

Ethical Regulations: These regulations have only become stricter as we enter in 2017. Almost all the bar associations in the United States restricts law firms/lawyers on how they can advertise. They need to be cautious when interacting with the audience on social media. Connecting and or associating with certain people on social media from law firms/lawyers can invoke witness tampering or improper communication charges. For example, a lawyer fighting a case cannot make friends with the judge on that case on social media. This will be considered improper communication and violation of ethics.

Avoid Private Information Outflow: In all forms of social postings currently available, a law firm or lawyers must not release any private information related to any case/client.  This include:

  • Financial info
  • Correspondence between client/attorney
  • Release of official case documentation
  • Trade secrets

Law firms and lawyers must need to comply with this social media regulation in 2017 if they want to keep out of trouble. If you want to publicize and market your law firm but perhaps you feel out of the loop and don' know credible ways to do so? Contact “Legal Marketing Consultants ” as they are a reliable channel for legal marketing, promoting law firms/lawyers to a wide range of the in-field network. 

Common Business Rules: Law firms also had to obey the same regulations under which all online businesses come. These regulations incorporate the social media marketing strategy, blogging, feedback, employment practices, contests, reviews, and content.  Misuse of any of these practices on social media can result in sanctions under Securities and Exchange Commission, Fair Labor Standard Act, Stata Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, and The European Union.

Therefore, strictly adhere to these social media compliances for law firms in 2017 and avoid getting into trouble with authorities. Remember, you can fairly and legally market your law firm in the best possible means with the help of an able legal marketing firm by your side, so avail this option if you are unaware of the regulations and latest changes.

SocIal Media Compliance For Law Firms from Help Lawyer

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