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Posted 01/28/2017

Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Let there be no question in the proven abilities of running precise content marketing in an online campaign to reach your chosen demographic. Specifically for lawyers and law firms, content marketing holds a lot of promising results if it is done the right way to target the emotion of your developing market. Despite the rewards this marketing tactic holds for law firms/lawyers, not many among the legal community know or understand the modus operandi of a proper thought out content marketing strategy and how to implement it for their maximum benefit and return on investment. Therefore, as a lawyer and owner of a small legal consulting start-up, you should be aware of the benefits of a concrete content marketing strategy or what we like to say “Legal Content Amplification” Which is content marketing on steroids. Let’s explore the top 5 content marketing strategies for law firms and how you as a lawyer can start to implement these strategies immediately for your law firm.

Engage with your Clients as often as you can -:

“Engagement builds trust and Content they can use assures trust"

Writing niche-related and beautifully crafted content is the core of a successful content marketing strategy, but does it have any value if you do not engage with your audience properly on the content? Of course not, because engaging with your clients/potential customers brings about that desired clientele that you are always after. It may not be an instant conversion as you have to build that trust, but being first in mind will ensure that its your brand they remember. If you are a lawyer that thinks writing the odd piece of content will bring immediate results or that your high ranking will guarantee you results, think on. You don’t understand content marketing.

law firm marketing

But the question remains as to how to make your audience engage with your content? Well, simply write conversational, attractive, and engaging content that forces your audience to talk and ask you questions or that makes them invoke an emotion that bequests an emotional engagement.

Share your Niche-Related News -:

Sharing news related to your expertise or field of legal practice is also an essential key to the overall success of your content marketing strategy. You should keep a good eye on what latest happenings in the legal world within your niche and put forward your point of view. Legal news can be related to any trial, court decisions, changes in the general law or latest happenings any the lawyer's community. Giving a well thought out response will make sure you are front of mind when it comes to the need of the individual consuming the content.

Diversify Your Content Strategy -:

Today, content is not only considered in the form of text, but it can include varied formats such as pictures or videos, images, audio and other content relating to your niche. According to a research, 64% of online businesses are now using videos in their marketing strategy to grab the attention of the audience online. 

Additionally, 55% online businesses include some form of visual content in their marketing strategy to obtain organic traffic from the web. A few minutes of video or a graphical slideshow can give you an astounding amount of boost and attention on the social media.

Include Humor in Your Content -:

Informative and deeply knowledgeable content is good. In fact, it is crucial to the success of a law firm’s content marketing strategy, but never forget to show an occasional humor out of seriousness. There is nothing worse than a clinical lawyer or a lawyer that has no humor. People want to deal with people who have feelings, who can sympathize and who are approachable and trusting. If you don’t have a sense of humor in things, you won’t attract many trusting clients. 

Laugh at yourself, its great medicine

Things like posting an unvulgar yet creative joke, sharing funny stories at work, or a little bit of sarcastic commentary on any current trendy legal news has the power to break the barrier between you and your audience on the web. Remember that humans are made of flesh and feelings so make sure you touch the both aspects of their existence.

Always Stay Relevant to Your Theme -:

Many business owners make this grave mistake where they believe that posting content on a diverse range of topics will also gain a diverse range of audience. So, does it really make an impact like we think in our marketing efforts? This credible research article does not think so that way. Your content and overall marketing is nothing if it does not make you a leader in your expertise, or niche, for a proper term. You have to become the authority.

Think like, Google Inc. a company whose core service and business come from its larger-than-life search engine. You throw apart from the search engine section of Google from its services, the company will no more be a world leader and undisputed in its niche. So, niche specific content and overall marketing is the key to your law firm’s ultimate success.

These are the top 5 content marketing strategies to follow for a law firm, and actually for the overall online marketing campaign in any niche. We have taken a different approach to what others may when it comes to content. If you are not doing the tasks as of yet or do not know how to implement such tactic (which really works), contact “Help Lawyer” and get your law firm marketing done the right way. The next step is to amplify your content.

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