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Posted 10/11/2017

What Happens if I Do Not Answer a Traffic Ticket?

What Happens if I Do Not Answer a Traffic Ticket?

A ticket for a traffic violation isn’t something New York drivers usually want to deal with. However, ignoring it won’t make matters any better. If you receive a traffic ticket, you have a responsibility to answer it. If you don’t answer your ticket in a timely manner, you run the risk of having your license suspended. And driving with a suspended license is a crime. 

What to Do if Your License Is Suspended for Failure to Answer a Traffic Ticket

If you fail to answer a traffic ticket on time and your license is suspended, don’t panic. Suspension for failure to answer a ticket does not mean you have been found guilty of the original charge. It just means you’ve failed to answer the ticket. 

You can get the suspension removed by contacting the court to answer the ticket and pay a $70 fee to remove the suspension.

Answering Tickets

Tickets issued in New York City and Rochester are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). The TVB doesn’t deal with parking tickets. It also doesn’t handle tickets issued outside of New York City or Rochester. 

If you must answer a traffic ticket issued outside of Rochester or New York City, you will need to contact the traffic or criminal court of the city, town, village, or county in which you received the ticket. 

Consult the ticket itself for contact information, and contact the court directly for information on how to answer the ticket. You should be able to find instructions on the back of your ticket to help you answer it properly, no matter where in New York you received the ticket. However, you could also bring your ticket to a traffic violation lawyer to see if you can fight it.

Contact an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer Today

Although it might seem easier to just ignore your ticket, doing so puts you at risk of making things worse. Let our experienced traffic ticket attorneys examine the details and find out whether you have other options. If you have received a traffic ticket, contact the Law Office of James Medows at 917-856-1247 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.

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