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Posted 10/11/2017

What to Know Before Your Attorney Consultation

What to Know Before Your Attorney Consultation

Let’s be honest: Very few people are enthusiastic about needing to hire a lawyer. Requiring the services of an attorney usually means that you’re dealing with something that you would have preferred to avoid in the first place, such as a serious car accident or an arrest for a criminal charge.

Because of this, speaking with an attorney for the first time can feel overwhelmingly stressful for many people. If this is your situation, the good news is that you can breathe a little easier—your attorney is there to help you out and offer experienced, knowledgeable advice about what you should do next.

Of course, it pays to be prepared for your initial consultation. Doing so will allow you to start building a strong relationship with your lawyer right from the get-go and begin the immediate development of your case.

Detailed below are a few handy tips for how to prepare for your initial attorney consultation:

Write Everything Down Beforehand

Whether you need a lawyer for a personal injury claim or a criminal defense matter, it’s a good idea to write down your recollection of events and everything that’s been caused by the matter since. By getting it down in writing, you’ll have notes readily available that you can refer to during the consultation, thereby ensuring that you won’t forget anything.

Be Honest

Remember, your lawyer is on your side. Be completely honest during the case evaluation. Omitting important details or obscuring important facts early on could hinder your attorney’s investigation later. By being honest, you’ll receive the most appropriate legal counsel for your situation.

Bring All Additional Documentation

In addition to your own personal notes, make sure to bring any additional relevant documentation that you possess. This could take the form of medical bills and a car repair estimate to emails and texts. If it supports your case and you have it readily available, bring it with you for the lawyer to review.

Ask Questions

Make your concerns clear, and don’t be shy about asking the lawyer questions. If you’re wondering about legal fees, ask about them. If you’ve been contacted by an insurance company and aren’t sure how to respond, ask. Likewise, if there’s a warrant out for your arrest, make sure to mention it. If you’re worried about something and the attorney might be able to help with it, bring it up.

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