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Posted 01/30/2017

Why Lawyers Should Vlog

Why Lawyers Should Vlog

Posting of videos or video-based material is usually known as vlog in the most liberal online marketing term. If you are currently unaware of the impact and rise of videos and video-based content on the web, you should need to review this short statistic about YouTube in 2016-2017. The rise of video-based content has so engulfed the online community that almost 63 percent of businesses online use video as their major online marketing tool; enough said about the importance of videos I guess? 

But where do the full-fledged benefits of vlogging come into play? It’s the legal niche that reaps the most benefits from creating high-quality videos and marketing their services through it. So, let us read in this narrative why vlogging is important for lawyers and law firms in 2017 or any future date?

Nothing Is More Personal & Descriptive Than A Video Presentation -:

Videos are the best way a lawyer can connect with his/her audience, in a personal and descriptive way. For example, consider yourself a person seeking legal help, you search out various sites on the web offering legal services. Most of them express themselves via content but a few has video-based messages by actual lawyers of the firm, which ones you will prefer to talk to? Simple content-ones or those with a video message where you can see the person behind words in real time and get an emotional connection from them?

Videos not only convey the core message of your law firm efficiently to your audience but it is also a very reliable way to obtain the trust of your visitors. The need for a visual appearance in your marketing is inevitable in case you want to make the most out of it. Therefore, it is unthinkable in 2017 that any business, especially law firms, are not utilizing vlogging in their marketing strategy.

Easy To Share & The Viral Factor -:

Other sublime factors attached to video marketing for law firms is that they have the biggest tendency, as compared to all other types of media, to become social, discoverable, and could even become viral. Although, it is least likely that an introductory video from a lawyer may become viral, albeit getting shares and likes, but suppose a lawyer is working on popular court case then what? Socially responsible videos can be a great way to obtain a high amount of exposure from such sources like social media and legal networks. For these reasons, vlogging gets the upper hand in an online marketing rather than only SEO/content optimization alone.

So, as a lawyer entering in the coming year or even further on in time, it is a great responsibility on you as a lawyer to utilize videos for the better exposure of your law practice. Remember, video-based content will only gain more strong footing as the days’ progress and I expect that in near future text-based content will be replaced completely by video-based messages. Before that day comes, make sure you get a strong footing for yourself in the vlogging field. “Help Lawyer!” can assist you in crafting a complete and sufficient online marketing/vlogging campaign that will reveal your law firm to prospective clients. You can also promote your Vlog’s on your profile and get them seen in many online verticals. Get in touch with us!

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