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Don't Think We Are Law Firm Directory

We are far better, we are a law firm marketing platform

Law Firm Directory – We’re not one of those

The Law Firm Directory Has Evolved

There are tons of law firm directories on the internet and most of them will be based on paying a fee and listing your site, but what happens after that – nothing normally.

Of course, you can get nice backlinks this way, but don’t you want something more, don’t you want to really market your law firm and not just link somewhere. This is where Help-Lawyer is different. Though on face value it may seem to be a directory, we don’t believe that and like to think of our legal site as a streamlined marketing platform for lawyers that actually target not only your local market but those who may be looking for your services.
We do not just want you to register and leave it there. You can take advantage of our team to help you craft the perfect listing. However, if you are doing it yourself, do not just consider us as a law firm directory where you link and forget. It is important that you spend a little time and really see what you can achieve with this marketing platform.

Google does not like directories - Law Firm Directory - Amplified 

Let’s face facts, google does not like directories and they have openly admitted this, so, in order for us to market to the right demographic, you have to come away from the idea of being a part of a directory, but what of a law firm directory. When you recognize that you are part of a unique marketing platform, you really can take your law practice to the next level. We know you may not understand it all and that is why we have friendly staff to help you and to guide you. The reality is that content is king in Google’s eyes and therefore we are active in this regard from the years of experience we have culminated in SEO and content marketing. We really can help you to develop your legal practice on the Help Lawyer platform.

People search to call you and email if they have a problem
Individuals who need lawyers or who need advice are often turned off by the old fashioned directory and no longer is a yellow page the place to go. These stages of a search are normally what makes the individual arrive at calling you.
  • They have a problem and search that problem
  • They search for the legal consequences or pitfalls
  • They look for someone to help local to them
  • They check out the lawyer or law firm and get a feeling for them
  • Finance is a priority with anyone and so costs are normally the point of decision.
If you as a local law firm or solo lawyer have a good profile and good information, the chances are the individual will pick up the phone and call you. If your profile is poor and it looks like you have not taken any time over it, then why would you think they will believe you have the same care with their legal case.

It’s time to think of what you can do to appeal to the people that need you. We built Help Lawyer on the basis that we would appeal to those who need lawyers and law firms both big and small. Reviews, articles, videos all help show the kind of lawyer you are and that is an attraction point for someone looking to hire you. Make the most of your listing and if you can’t then let our staff help you. We enjoy promoting quality law firms and we do not like to see you wasting an opportunity. Remember, we are working together.


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Join our Mailing List to Receive Marketing Tips