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Law Team Profiles

Diamond Level Lawyer Team Profiles For Your Law Firm

One of the missing attributes in your Law Firm Marketing is the ability to increase your online presence with only your website. When you add your lawyers to your website profile, it stops there and that's the biggest mistake. Now with the Help Lawyer marketing suite, you can add your whole law team to your law firm's account.


Benefits Of Your Law Team Profiles

  • Each Lawyer has their own Microsite
  • Add Up To 5/10 Law Team Profiles Valued At $499 each
  • Add Different Law Firm Offices as one of your profiles
  • All benefits of microsite marketing
  • Expands your online brand 
  • Your content reaches a wider audience
  • Works together with your law firm site
  • Helps Increase your sites ranking and authority online
  • Totally controlled by one brand account within your law firm
  • Gives your marketing team more opportunities to expand your law firm's online marketing
  • Full Benefits of premium profiles

Your Law Firm now has the power of your own site and your micro sites on the Help-Lawyer law firm marketing suite. Your SEO company can use this platform to further expand your online reach using the power of content marketing on your various profiles within your law firm. The greater expansive online reach means that you will be reaching a wider audience looking for your legal services    

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