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Lawyer Benefits

Reasons you should register with our law firm marketing platform.

Why would you want to join another Law Directory?

That is what will be going through your mind, but before you hit that back button or decide to go elsewhere, let us explain why?

Help Lawyer is not just any lawyers directory, we are a legal marketing suite. We understand the importance of relationships and how important it is to put the right lawyer with the right client. We are developing more of a legal marketing suite to help you gain further online credibility and to boost your online presence. The suite is also a lead generation magnet and if used properly allows you to target your marketing to those individuals that need good law firms and private lawyers.

You would normally join a directory to list your website, gain a white hat backlink and hope to increase traffic to your site. The truth is that most of these type of directories are really only good for that quality link and will not get you quality traffic or increase your online presence. However, you get more with Help-Lawyer.

Here's what you will get when you join Help Lawyer;

A fully functional web page - rather like a mini site
Integrated Social Media
Ability to post your own articles
Lead Generation
Add Videos
Optimize Your Page
Add Image Galleries
Add Podcasts
Add your company brochures
Run Coupons and Offers
Advertise Jobs

In fact,  there is so much more that you will find as a new member. To make it more attractive for Legal Practices; we are actively marketing and have SEO and content marketing as part of our ongoing strategy to increase traffic to your listings and quality leads. We will increase the online profile of your legal business.

Just To Recap

When you join us, we will actively market you online.

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