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Posted by Peter Konstantilikas on 05/03/2017

How Long Will It Take To Solve Your Legal Issue? | Peabody Workers' Comp Attorney

So, how long does it gonna take for me to solve this legal issue for you? That's a very common question. Folks wanna know how are they gonna be communicating with our office. We at the outset will give you our office policies, it's going to show you our communication policy which is to return all calls on the same day as long as they're received by 4 o'clock. We use technology to the best of our abilities to make things easier for you. You may wanna come in and talk with me in person.

Some folks are busy. They don't mind talking over the phone. Some folks like using Facetime or Skype. Maybe you may wanna have a presentation of your situation where I can document share through a GoToMeeting. Whatever your preference is, we'll talk about that upfront.

What is this gonna cost? It depends on what type of case. In a bankruptcy case, in some uncontested divorces, they are more transactional based where we could give you a fixed fee where you'll know what it's gonna cost you upfront and it won't cost you anymore unless there's any sort of extraordinary circumstances.

We also offer divorces on an hourly basis. These are more for contested cases where we're unsure of the amount and duration of service that we're gonna have to provide. Workers compensation cases are typically taken on a contingent or dependent basis where we don't get paid unless you recover some monies. So, give us a call with any questions you have. If you call us before 4 o'clock your call will be returned in the same day by me.

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